Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Our next meeting will be Monday, March 26th - 6:15pm - Meeting in the Conference Room at the library and discussing C.S. Lewis, My Godfather: Letters, Photos and Recollections by Laurence Harwood.  No discussion questions for this book.  Leisurely read and come ready to discuss this last book in our three month biographical look at Lewis.  I do have a few books left for $3 each.  Send me an email and I will get the book into your hands.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Meeting Reminder

Monday, February 27th - 6:15pm in the Community Room at the C. Burr Artz Library.  We will be discussing Surprised by Joy.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Happy Presidents Day!

I have found a Lewis related letter to celebrate the day.

A letter to Mary Willis Shelburne, dated February 22, 1958:

Dear Mary Willis

Joy (who thanks you for your most kind message) tells me I am writing to you on George Washington's birthday*, so 'there's glory for you' as Humpty Dumpty would say.  God is very good to us and we go on happily at present.  We kept one of the puppies, and call him Guppy (out of Beak House) and he is a lively youngster.  I notice, as I have done before in similar circumstances, the common age is a bond stronger than common species: i.e. Guppy is friends with the kitten and Guppy's mother is friends with the old cat - a huge Tom called Ginger.  I'm glad my angels should be thought more correct than those of the 'Repository Artists', but what the dickens are Repository Artists?  I never heard of them.
  I am sorry you had such a bad time at the dentist's but hope that the total result is an improvement.  Your mention of 'Valentines' carried me back many years: I have not seen one since I was a small boy, as they have almost died out in this country.
  Yes, we must not fret about not doing God those supposed services which He in fact does not allow us to do.  Very often I expect, the service He really demands is that of not being (apparently) used, or not in the way we expected, or not in a way we can perceive.
  I've written an article for an American magazine called The Christian Herald.
With all good wishes and love from us both.

* for those old enough to remember Presidents Day was not always so.  Prior to 1971 or so the day was known as Washington's Birthday and actually celebrated on the 22nd of February - Washington's birthday (officially the day (the third Monday in February) is still Washington's Birthday - so says my official Federal calendar).  Now we celebrate Lincoln and Washington's birthdays and honor all the Presidents on the third Monday of February.  Or something like that.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Max McLean as Uncle Screwtape with Toadpipe in the background.

Max McLean is still performing The Screwtape Letters - now on tour across America.  Check his website for a stop near you.

Monday, February 13, 2012


The previous post quotes from a letter Lewis wrote to his brother where he states that his working title for The Screwtape Letters was to be As One Devil to Another.  Seventy years have past since The Screwtape Letters was published and on April 1, 2012, Lewis's working title will be available when As One Devil to Another: A Fiendish Correspondence in the Tradition of C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters by Richard Platt will be available for purchase.

I received an advanced copy a few weeks ago and greatly enjoyed the time spent reading the 31 letters from Uncle Slashreap to his nephew Scardagger.  Walter Hooper writes in the Preface "The narrative voice of As One Devil to Another is almost indistinguishable from Lewis' own.  It reads as if Lewis himself had written it.  There are many passages which Lewis could not have done better."  High praise from one who knows.  I agree, reading As One Devil to Another one feels you are reading the lost Screwtape letters.  As Hooper says the narrative voice sounds just like Lewis.  Most of the letters focus on timeless themes and a few focus on current issues - one of my favorites deals with the triumph the demons take in their creation of Reality TV.  Other authors have tried, and in my opinion failed, to create a "modern" Screwtape Letters (see post #128).  If the goal is to create an updated version of Screwtape, then As One Devil to Another is the winner.  Run, don't walk, and pre-order your copy today!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


February 9, 1942 - The Screwtape Letters was published.

On Sunday, July 21, 1940, Lewis wrote to his brother: "Before the [church] service was over - one cd. wish these things came more seasonably - I was struck by an idea for a book wh. I think might be both useful and entertaining.  It wd. be called As one Devil to Another and would consist of letters from an elderly retired devil to a young devil who has just started work on his first 'patient'.  The idea wd. be to give all the psychology of temptation from the other point of view."

The letters were published in thirty-one instalments in The Guardian (an Anglican newspaper, not the current newspaper with the same name) between May and November 1941.

Check out the C.S. Lewis Minute's post for this anniversary.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


We will be discussing Surprised by Joy at our February meeting.  Need the discussion questions?  Send an email to FrederickLewisSociety@yahoo.com and I will send them to you.


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